Why Kaotech ?

Kaotech has been one of Taiwan's leading universities of applied science and technology going on 50 years now.

We recently merged with three other universities, and the new Kaotech is the largest school of science and technology in the country, with five campuses with over 28,000 students, studying everything from traditional academics,  applied science, computer technology, AI, VR, industrial art, tourism management, and even maritime management with the acquisition of Kaohsiung Maritime University.

Our dedicated professionals and teachers are determined to graduate  future leaders and innovators who will take the world by storm.

From Bachelors, Masters, Ph.D. and post doctorate programs, Kaotech offers something for everyone at all stages of their academic lives.


With a diverse student body from Taiwan, Japan, France, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines,  Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, China, USA, and the EU, those who seek multi-cultural, global experiences in language, art, cultural and  social interaction, Kaotech may just be what you are looking for!

International students have even more to jump for joy about, for first year tuition for all international undergrads at Kaotech is FREE, and includes a work visa for earning extra cash for fun and travel; and for all doctorate students it gets even better with a full tuition ride, work visa and monthly stipend of $300 US for six years.

Cost of living is about 1/3 that of the United States and tuition for all first year students is waived. Subsequent tuition per year is less than $4000 US dollars. Compare that with  the 30,000 to 50, 000 US for a state or private university.


Why spend $200k for a four year Bachelor’s Degree or a $100k for a Masters, when both can be had here, at Kaotech. a fully accredited university for only $20k US?


Coming to Taiwan for school also affords the opportunity to learn Mandarin Chinese, a definite plus in anyone’s CV. Also Japan and Taiwan have a long history of cultural and linguistic exchange. Kaotech Tourism Management has an excellent Japanese language program, and extensive internships in Japan.

Students are allowed work visas and many opportunities exist to earn spending money, teaching English for a few hours a week at the dozens of cram schools. Hourly rates range from $17 US to $22. There is little or no tax.


And with a little spending money for plane tickets and backpacks the whole of Asia is within a few hours of flight time from Kaohsiung International Airport: an hour to Hong Kong, four to Singapore, three to Manila, Seoul and Japan. Special discounts are available to students with a student travel card.


Come to Kaotech for school, and crack open a bottle of bubbly Champagne with the savings.


Let the good times roll!