The only Tourism Management School in Asia with VR Training 

With VR cameras, headsets and

a  full VR production studio, Kaotech  is at 

the forefront in providing KT students with all the tools 

to create VR video, soon to be the hottest, most sought after

skill for global tourism and hospitality specialists. 


Reference citation at bottom:


    "People are becoming more resistant to traditional visual communication mediums such as brochures, TV commercials, and even websites as primary sources of information.


    Many travel promoters have already adopted VR technologies to provide a preview experience of hotel properties, cruise ships and travel experiences. 

     Potential impacts of VR in tourism include the planning of places and experiences, the elimination of barriers that increase accessibility and open up remote places, the education and guiding of visitors, the preservation of fragile sites, enhanced entertainment, and the ability to broaden global interaction among travelers... "


Virtual Reality and Implications for Destination Marketing by Griffin, Giberson, Lee, Guttentag and Kandaurova of Ryerson University. 

Link to full paper here: (worth the read!)