Spring Semester 2019


Now until June 15


Official Opening Creative Media Contest

The Creative Mind Fourm

Writing Workshop




January 10​

Last Day of Classes for Fall 2018

Pizza Party


2nd Annual Kaoscar Awards

Kaotech Tourism Management Department's version of the Academy Awards showcasing Tourism English students Fall Semester's imaginative short films, flash fiction, and comic strips.

Also our VR student movie makers will present news of recent VR videos of student activities now available on Youtube.

6th Floor Tourism Office Foyer


December 26

Christmas Festival Bash 2018

Organized by the freshman class, come and rock the night away with great food, decorations, DJ, and stage entertainment !

6th floor garden patio

December 20

Skateboarding Fun on the marble hallways of our 6th floor foyer.

All Tourism Management students are welcome. Skateboards provided, and lessons too, for all who are just starting.