List of Winners for

2019 NKUST Department of Tourism Management’s

Creative Media Contest May 20-21


Flash Fiction


  • 1st: 謝采楨 “Trip to the New Year Moon”

  • 2nd: 何東明 “Jacob’s Diary of the Moon Landing”

  • 3rd:  Hsuan Chuang - Untitled - first line “I raised my head and stared at the full moon in the dark night”

  • Honorable mention Tsao Su Chin: “My Space Mission


Consolation Winners


  • Bonnie Yang

  • Zheng Kai Lain

  • Pinghao Chung

  • Yiwei Chang

  • 丁祐丞



Instant Manga

  • 張奕威

  • 鍾秉浩

  • 連正凱

  • 丁祐丞

  • 何東明


Action Film Winners to be Announced June 15th