Some of Our Faculty

Japan Trip Summer 2017

We see each of our students as a new kind of superhero:

Successful tourism professionals are critical thinkers and creative problem solvers. Their “office” is out in the real world—in holiday destinations, heritage sites, museums, convention centers, hotels, and cruise ships, where every day they deal with a host of different peoples and nationalities with a plethora of logistical problems—all needing a solution yesterday.


Being a great listener and communicator, self-assured, independent, easy going, knowledgeable, competent, tested, proven, with the desire to learn and to teach, yet still with a penchant for fun and good times to ensure a good holiday or conference experience is exactly what NKUST strives to teach in every course offering and internship program.


And when it’s time to graduate, what we want most for our graduates is to give them the whole wide world.


The whole wide world to make better with their own hands, minds, and skills.


With two billion tourists trotting the globe every year, that’s 2,000,000,000 opportunities to make a real difference and fill the world with greater understanding, tolerance and peace.


That sounds like the work of superheroes to us.

Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Spider-man, Fantastic Four—get ready to make room, a new breed of superhero is about to blow into town...