Contest Mission Statement


敢想, 敢寫, 敢說,敢做!

       Language and Art are creative endeavors and share a common purpose: Communication.

       Mere technical proficiency is not sufficient for effective communication, it's the transcendental something behind the words that makes a piece of writing or a speech memorable--that gives a story or idea a unique vision of its own. Many people can write, but few can compose a totality--a complete tale of a new world with a beginning, middle and end, let alone do this from scratch: from a blank sheet of paper or empty WORD document. This task requires a very special imagination that surpasses logical and technical skills. We're all born with such an imagination but many of us lose it as we grow older.  We hope our contest reawakens that forgotten creative power innate in each of us.

       Creative communication in English is essential for tourism professionals, and the development and implementation of effective and innovative language teaching and learning strategies are NKUST's Department of Tourism Management’s top priorities.


         With this mission in mind, the Department of Tourism Management (DTM) at National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology along with DTM’s Alumni Association is sponsoring this Creative Media Contest to celebrate our department’s 50th anniversary showcasing our faculty, students and curricula, and to highlight our unique approach with Creative Media that inspires students to use English and builds confidence and competence in their English speaking, writing and thinking where there was none before.


           It is our hope that our methodology will benefit, not only our students, but all tourism management students everywhere in Taiwan.